Super Woman? Super Connector!

Superconnectors communicate in a very specific way. Rather than just breaking out into conversation, they combine critical thinking and pointed ways of speaking and listening to learn quickly about people.”

This is the article that sparked this piece.

I like to think I am a super connector. Both personally and professionally.  I enjoy bringing people together either to make the experience better or more fun. To help get the job done more efficiently or more creatively. To help someone get to that next step or enter the space – either with an introduction, an advocate or a new friend.

I have been told in the past I am a great networker… but this new label of super connector takes it to a whole new level.

Similar to the writer of this article- “I’ll hear a cue, and that triggers an instant reaction to put person A in touch with person B to help grow or move forward both of their aims”- I meet people when shopping who I know I have to connect to my day job so they can enroll in the program or volunteer as a mentor, or when I am at a program and I find out a client’s spouse is a veteran, I know I need to introduce them to VETLANTA, or when I am at VETLANTA quarterly summit and I hear about someone who just moved to Atlanta and they are looking for a great place to eat OTP, I can give them recommendations from my 5-year-young transplant experience! I have done this naturally for years. Social media has made it easier because it does job my memory quicker … about this great job opportunity (who do I know was looking for a job in digital marketing?)… or this restaurant with $1 oysters (who was that other person around here besides my mom who liked them)… or that free women’s event with a great speaker (which client of mine was looking to “get out and about” more).

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