Zoomies Staying Connected

Many people are using Zoom for the first time and are grateful for the connectivity it is giving us professionally and personally.

I remember “my first time” with Zoom clearly- July 26, 2018 with two former coworkers, one in Southern California, and one in New York City. It was great sitting in my home outside of Atlanta, seeing these two beautiful people, and sharing information about customer experience. They were both Zoomers, and they were teaching me.

Grateful to have such inspiring, influential, and empowering women as my professional contacts and personal friends.

Thank you, Alissa Whiteley and Sheri Levinsky-Raskin for keeping me on my toes, learning, teaching, and being the best me I can be! I sure hope you have people around you who can get you up to speed with this great tool for staying connected.

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