Accountability Partners

Remember in 2nd grade when you had an “accountability partner” – you always had to know where they were, and you had to go to the nurse or main office together?

Or a reading buddy who came in from another grade to read to you- or for you to read to?

How about when you were on a class trip and you had to hold hands with so-and-so?

Or later on in life when you were a freshman touring the campus on orientation weekend, being led by an upperclassman?

Or that new job where you are paired up with someone to show you how to do this… or that?

Or that trainer at the gym. Forget you paid her money, you just know she is going to make sure you do what you need to do, then some. And you better be ready for that.

Or maybe you were fortunate like me and was given the opportunity to participate in a mentoring program… and you were matched with someone who had some skills set you were working on, the personality that matched yours to push you, or the experience in the field you were working in- in order to stretch you?



I find resorting back to an accountability partner, having a buddy who is in the entrepreneur business, getting guidance from someone who has been in your shoes and having a person you trust to confide in and be pushed by are all roles I have had in my life- and need now in my business.

When I attend workshops and seminars on the weekends and at night, I love being surrounded with like people- solopreneurs who are working towards their passion. Entrepreneurs who are sharing their lessons learned- because it is energizing.

I love having access to 4 awesome women who all started their journey before me and are in different places in their business (and different businesses) but I can reach out to them and ask questions. They actually answer me quickly- even though they are the midst of 1-2 jobs, family business, life events, day to day “stuff”.

And what is even better is how we get to share. Two of these #womentreprenuers share sites with me to learn from, online or in person classes to take, blogs to read for info or check out for ideas.

I am thinking of starting a small group of these womentreprenuers that has scheduled informal meetings where we are accountable to each other which in turn makes us accountable to our businesses. Here we share the ideas we have, the mistakes we have made, the goals we have reached, and the goals we are setting for ourselves. Would love to hear your stories of accountability tricks… as well as ideas like this that help motivate you and move you towards your goals.

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