Super Woman? Super Connector!

Superconnectors communicate in a very specific way. Rather than just breaking out into conversation, they combine critical thinking and pointed ways of speaking and listening to learn quickly about people.”

This is the article that sparked this piece.

I like to think I am a super connector. Both personally and professionally.  I enjoy bringing people together either to make the experience better or more fun. To help get the job done more efficiently or more creatively. To help someone get to that next step or enter the space – either with an introduction, an advocate or a new friend.

I have been told in the past I am a great networker… but this new label of super connector takes it to a whole new level.

Similar to the writer of this article- “I’ll hear a cue, and that triggers an instant reaction to put person A in touch with person B to help grow or move forward both of their aims”- I meet people when shopping who I know I have to connect to my day job so they can enroll in the program or volunteer as a mentor, or when I am at a program and I find out a client’s spouse is a veteran, I know I need to introduce them to VETLANTA, or when I am at VETLANTA quarterly summit and I hear about someone who just moved to Atlanta and they are looking for a great place to eat OTP, I can give them recommendations from my 5-year-young transplant experience! I have done this naturally for years. Social media has made it easier because it does job my memory quicker … about this great job opportunity (who do I know was looking for a job in digital marketing?)… or this restaurant with $1 oysters (who was that other person around here besides my mom who liked them)… or that free women’s event with a great speaker (which client of mine was looking to “get out and about” more).

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Am I a Trailblazer?

  1. a person who makes a new track through wild country.
    • a pioneer; an innovator.
      “he was a trailblazer for many ideas that are now standard fare”
      synonyms: pioneerinnovator, groundbreaker, spearheadtrendsetter;


I will let YOU read and decide!

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I was introduced to VoyageATL through the creatives and creators of Biscuits and Burlap (blog click here):


Sculpt Your Job

When I was in my role as programs manager, I volunteered to coordinate the end of year holiday celebrations. The company, fortunately, did more than just a holiday party. They ran festive challenges (we are very competitive) as well as a potluck partying and team building activities. I added on activities for the last week of the year which covered mindfulness, healthy choices, and vision boarding for the following year. I am still heading the holiday activity and grew the Week of Merriment to the Month of Merriment.

When I was Vice President of Education, I hosted the monthly staff birthday parties in our department. Not only did this get me to celebrate other people on their birthdays (I love birthdays, mine most of all!) but it brought people from different departments to our area of the ship (yes, I worked on a ship) to where my team worked- a place closed off to the public and not on the way to any other offices in the organization.

When I was an elementary school and middle school teacher, I volunteered for roles in our teachers’ union. Now some of you may be very much against unions, so I just lost your attention… but those of you still with me- through this work I learned how to negotiate contracts (and have difficult conversations). As a teacher and an English major in undergrad, this is training I never received. Now, I was receiving this training in real-time, and it mattered to me and my career as well as those of my colleagues.

What can you do in your current role to build in some of those things you love?

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Working with a Purpose

“Working with a Purpose- Perhaps the most underrated desire of modern-day employees is the desire to work with a purpose. Many employees would be willing to give up fancy nap pods or office game rooms in exchange for fulfilling work.” [Read the article that inspired these words]

Funny for me- I find the purpose I want to support and then apply to the organization that supports that “purpose”, which usually means the perks are not the pods or the games but the people and the energy behind the mission.

Hence many years in the classroom, working directly with students in need (Title 1 Schools, schools with high “free-lunch” numbers, schools without a lot of money for classroom supplies and external professional development opportunities).

Hence quite a few years working for the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum in the education programs that reached the 5 boroughs of NYC, the surrounding schools in NJ, NY and CT, the teachers of these students, and high school students with character and leadership and civic engagement programming opportunities.

Hence the work for a small leadership company, delivering programming for Marines transitioning out of their volunteer civic duty into the civilian world, working with them individually on understanding themselves better and helping find the next place for them to hang their “cover”.

Hence the years of developing the groundwork for a national-in-reach civic education center at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Foundation in the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Presidential Learning Center to include awarding college scholarships to seniors in high school.

Hence years working for the Wounded Warrior Battalion (no, not where you made your donations to- that’s Wounded Warrior Project who supported the wounded, ill and injured service members or their spouses I worked directly) creating a transition plan helping our service members figure out what they could do next- because they could not stay in the USMC or Navy any longer due to injuries as a result of their selfless services or diseases and illnesses they didn’t choose to get but unfortunately were dealt that hand.

Hence years working to support the daily operations and building of education centers and curricula with the intent of developing and building financial literacy early on in life- as early as grade school and middle school.

And now, here I sit, managing the client experience at a company who delivers programming to high-performing women at all stages of their career.  I celebrated my one-year anniversary in July for Pathbuilders, and I am currently conducting check-in calls for the 85+ partnerships we have introduced. I am feverishly taking notes of best practices, ways to build up your team, ways to improve your (you name it) in the office. These are ideas I can share with our participants, I can learn from, and I can share with others as I coach our clients.

And with this first blog, I introduce my very own endeavor, my baby, my writer’s project, my newest pride and joy. The Word Warrior. Through this company, I will help many others who struggle with the words, who don’t have the time,  who don’t have the energy after _______ (fill in the blank- you name it!)  to sit down and get their thoughts onto paper or into text.

I find work with a purpose, I work for a purpose, and I am grateful there are so many wonderful companies and organizations that afford me this opportunity to fulfill my desire to work with a purpose.