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“Dog Tags Come Home” … In The Beginning

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Originally posted November 5, 2013

46 Years later, two Marines return dog tags to a Vietnam Veteran

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Originally published on July 16, 2014


Help These Dog Tags Find Their Way Home

Please read about this great project my family is heading up:

In 2011 Tim and Bill de Kryger joined the Military Historical Tour group that traveled to Vietnam with the 43rd Anniversary of the Battle of Hue City Tour.  Although this tour focused on action in Hue City during the 1968 Tet offensive, we also visited various military sites where members of the tour group had served during their time in Vietnam.  These travels took us from Marble Mountain in the south to Hanoi in the north.

One day as the tour group was following the flow of battle through the streets of Hue City we discovered a sidewalk souvenir vendor who had various bits and pieces of vintage military paraphernalia for sale, most of it being American in origin.  The ‘merchandise’ that caught our eyes were the many dog tags that he had.  Following the day’s activities, we discussed what we had heard and seen.  One thing that had stuck in our minds were the dog tags.  They helped put names on times and places.  At that point Tim decided he was going to ‘rescue’ the dog tags we had seen.

Following the tour activities of the last day we went back to the vendor and looked through his pile of tags.  After lengthy negotiations, we walked off with 30+ dog tags.  We both agreed that we took this action for two reasons; first, to remove the tags from the souvenir market and secondly we wanted to return the tags to service members, families, and/or loved ones.

In 2013 we again went back to Vietnam on the Military Historical Tours 45th Anniversary of the Battle of Hue City Tour.  Having had two years to think about what we had done in 2011, we were again looking for more dog tags.  The friendly vendor was still in business but only had a few tags.  We told him we would be in Hue only three days and he had that much time to locate all the tags he could anyway he could and that we would purchase every one he could find.  Three days later we had 50+ additional tags.  In two cases we have two tags from each person named.  As far as we can determine all tags are originals – not reproductions.

So now the work begins.  It is our goal to return every dog tag to the named person if possible.  If that is not possible we want to pass it on to an interested relative.  Any tags that cannot be given to owners or relatives will be donated to the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

Originally published on March 10, 2016

Dog Tags Finding Their Way Home Builds a Reunion Like No Other

Check out: Battalion Landing Team 2/26, US Marine Corps website

Making the news again!

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Originally aired on September 14, 2018

THE Ceremony… I am filled with pride!

Today is THE ceremony. I’m so proud of my husband, Tim Dekryger, and my dad, Bill Dekryger! Here is a photo of today’s program.

These are pics of the frames Tim had gotten generous donations to create. Tim & Dad will be giving these to their rightful owners today.


The rubbings our parents got on a recent USMC reunion trip for my dad. The returns, after Taps, will be beautiful but I don’t think there will be a dry eye in the room full of these heroes’ brothers and their family members. It’s a sad, beautiful, moving day in Detroit, and we feel it all the way here in Georgia.

Click here to watch some Detroit news coverage: Vietnam veteran’s dog tags returned to family members.

Originally published and aired on September 16, 2018


2 Dog Tags Finding Their Way Home

On this very special Veterans Day, please take the time to view this link (22 minutes in you will see my husband, Timothy Dekryger and my father-in-law, Bill Dekryger): Tribute to Our Troops news clip I am so proud of the work they have done to bring dog tags back from Vietnam and return them to the family members (and other times, the actual service members) of those who lost them in battle so many years ago. Proud wife, proud daughter, proud American.

Originally published on November 11, 2018


Here is the list of service members’ dog tags Tim and Bill still have to return home:


Baird, J. R.
Bartel, J. H.
Basker, G. F.
Bradley, K. A.
Bush, J. G.
Cammuse, J. D.
Cassady, J. B.
Christiansen, E. K.
Constance, C. L.
Conzemius, R. V.
Corona, R. D.
Crew, D. A.
Daldo, J.
Diazmelendez, A.
Doucette, K. W.
Edminster, J. A.
Farnam, T. P.
Fedena, C. V.
Ferguson, G. B.
Fields, T. L.
Fox, P. L.
Frey, S. N.
Frostell, M. D.
Goodale, W. H.
Greene, D. R.
Guy, M. G.
Harper, R. L.
Hendrick, M. S.
Hendrix, R.
Holsey, S.
Hunter, R. V.
Johnson, W. G.
Jones, D. L.
Josselyn, H. C.
Karl, F. X.
Kelley, M. T.
Kingery, J. R.
Kirk, C. C. Jr.
Knott, R. M.
Krezemien, G
Leonard, H. M. Jr.
Lyon, A. G.
Mahoney, D. P.
Marshall, L. A.
Mciver, M. L.
Meadows, M. H.
Medford, H. H.
Miller, D. D.
Nordling, J. H.
O Neil, T. D. Jr.
Pate, A. C.
Phillips, J. L.
Phillips, L.
Plantz, M. D.
Rhone, S. M.
Robinson, R. L.
Sain, R. R.
Schaeberle, R. F.
Schreiber, B. R.
Selby, D. W.
Shelby, B. G. Jr.
Silver, J. F.
Simon, J.
Smith, J. O.
Smith, M. R.
Smith, N. B.
Snyder, A. L.
Soloman, M. E.
Starnes, R. L.
Sundeck, S. E.
Taylor, M. Jr.
Torrellas, R. L.
Triano, D. A.
Triano, D. B.
Voris, D. E.
Weaver, J. E.
Wellard, S. L.
Wilson, P. E.
Witner, T. S.
Wood, E. L.
Wright, D. H.

As of November 18, 2018

Help us get these home! Email Tim here: Tim’s email


Real Hero Report

I had the opportunity to write an article for this publication.  Real Hero Report is an online and print magazine providing informative and relevant reader-driven content, targeted to Metro Atlanta’s active and reservist military, veterans and first responders.

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Published on January 16, 2018