Do you have vision…


I do- one for my desk at work and one that hangs near my vanity at home.

I read this article last week Forbes New Year’s Article and it is in alignment with how I want to move forward with my boards- more BIG WORDS that stand out.

Last time around- my very first-time vision boarding-  I was interested in making the boards aesthetically pleasing, this time I need the words to jump out at me daily!

In 2018 I created my home vision board, at home on 1 January surrounding by girlfriends who were doing the same thing as me- embarking on their first vision board creation. When we all finished up- very impromptu- we started sharing our vision boards with each other. Explaining what we put on our board, and what it meant for us for this coming year. It was almost like making ourselves accountable by having this opportunity to explain to each other.

This time around I am heading to a friend’s home. She has been doing this for years as a New Year’s Day tradition. I look forward to learning from a pro!

What I do know is that:

  • It’s great to work on this surrounded by great people (in my case, great women) who have strong visions on their own
  • It was helpful for me to share my vision with others- almost like “putting it out there”
  • In reflection, I should have planned a mid-2018 gathering to check in on each other and on our visions. I think that would have been great.

*Notice the book I am holding. Read this Oprah recommend for the first time only last year. It inspired me to do the boards.

**Also take note of the shirt I am wearing. “What would Barb do?” – this is not in reference to the character Barb on Stranger Things, but in fact, a question for me in regard to my mom, one of the most impactful role models I have had in my lifetime. Stay tuned- another blog to follow on this beautiful topic.

2 Replies to “Do you have vision…”

  1. I just did my vision board for 2019 last Sunday with three of my girlfriends! We meet every year at the end of December to do this! Just curious – do you pick a “word” for the year?

  2. As one of those girlfriends from this inspiring New Years Day gathering I can agree with this wholeheartedly. The beginning of a new year is always a good time to reflect and plan for the future, and vision boarding is the perfect way to accomplish all that.

    I too, loved the improtu “presentations” we all did for each other. Accountability, yes – but also verbalizing what was on our boards made it real and concrete.

    My vision board has greeted me each morning of 2018 and inspired me to stay on track – sometimes to even get back on track. Thank you!

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