Career Support

I offer a wide range of support for people who are professionally transitioning or

preparing for a career move.




Got LinkedIn?


Your network is your net worth- or will at least get you in the door, to the interview, at the informational meeting. You need to work on growing your network and nurturing it. Currently, the best place to expand your network and find the field you would like to focus while researching opportunities is through having an effective, professional LinkedIn profile. With LinkedIn’s ability to connect, you can find target people to reach out to, companies to pursue, and jobs to apply.


My LinkedIn professional service fees are:

$25 to critique your profile, with next steps. Your $25 will be applied to improving your existing profile, if you move forward with The Word Warrior

$75 for a 45 minute walkthrough of LinkedIn for beginners using Zoom and shared screen. Understand all LinkedIn can do for you. This is for LinkedIn beginners.

$100 to improve an already existing profile  

$175 to create your LinkedIn profile from scratch 


Job Application Process


Once you have found the place you want to work and are ready to start applying, you need a professional résumé. I offer the updating or creation of a chronological résumé (standard résumé you are most likely used to seeing) or the functional résumé. I suggest this format for those who have been out of the workforce for many years, those who have had what may look like an eclectic career (like mine), those who have a career in one location, or a career that has not yet begun!


My Chronological or Functional Résumés offerings are:

Critique of your resume- $25, with suggested next steps. This $25 will be applied to below offerings if you choose to work with The Word Warrior

Résumé upgrade- Focusing/reviewing a résumé for a specific job- $75 if The Word Warrior created, $125 if The Word Warrior didn’t create

Updating an existing résumé as a general template for your use- $100-$125

Converting a chronological to a functional résumé- $200

Creating a chronological résumé from scratch- $175-$200

Creating a functional résumé from scratch- $250


My Cover Letter services are:

Creating a general template for your use- $75

*this includes one targeted cover letter as a sample

Creating any additional targeted cover letters- $50 per position


Interview Process   


You found the field and job you are ready to own. You need to practice for your phone, Skype,  Zoom, FaceTime or in-person interview


Interview preparation activities:

Phone, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype interview practice (30-minute interview, 30-minute discussion)- 1hr $75




Post Interview Step


You aced the interview- now it is time for (immediate) follow up and follow-through



Interview Follow Up

Thank you letters and emails (proofread or draft, 30-minute discussion)- $75 per specific interview


Any rush services (needing a 48-hour turnaround) would incur a $50 attention fee