Clients’ Words

This is what clients have written:

“I have a lot of great things to say about clothing and style, but don’t always have the time to get it down in text. I’ve used Krista to come up with catchy phrases and wording for my website, my blog, and my Instagram posts. She was also one of my main go-to’s for input when deciding on my company name. She gets what I am trying to convey and makes it attractively relatable to my audience- because in my business, it’s all about how you look!” Lynn, Personal Stylist and Blogger, creator of, 2017

“Krista deKryger’s volunteer work as our Chief Communications Officer for VETLANTA helped grow our LinkedIn membership from 750 in June 2016 to 1700 members in November 2017. She gave our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles life, and managed our website. Krista was able to support and post updates to keep our membership up to date with information.” Lloyd Knight, President of VETLANTA

“You did great!! I love how my page turned out and you were a HUGE help because I had no clue where to start and I was worried about having a page that was not up to par. So you were wonderful to work with! I liked the way you had everything set up and how you sent all the questions at once. Also, you gave me enough time to gather the information where I did not feel rushed – so you made the process very easy!! This was very convenient for me! You really did make the process so easy because I think the hardest part is sitting down and actually creating your LinkedIn page and finding the right wording.” Hannah, Marketing Professional, 2017

“I am truly grateful for all of your professional help & guidance you have offered. What you do is a gift!” Karen, Human Resources Leader, March 2018

“I have found a great new job (It’s about 4 months now) as an HR Consultant. I have clients & love the work!!! Much thanks to you. I am in a better place on all levels.” Karen, Human Resources Consultant (from above), October 2018

“You’re awesome! Thank you so much! You’ve made me feel empowered!!!” Heather, Education Leader, 2018

“OMG Krista, you ARE amazing. I honestly can’t thank you enough for your patience, support, and all the fine tuning — truly. It looks great!” Erica, Renaissance Woman & Entrepreneur (We finished her chronological resume and now we are starting on her functional resume), 2018

“Thank you for all the hard work you put into helping me with my resume. This is fantastic. You’re a great talent.”  Yvonne, Professional Trainer and Patient Advocate (We finished her functional resume and now I am starting on her son’s resume for internship applications during breaks in Law School), March 2019

“You’re awesome! Thank you for restructuring my resume. I can now apply to opportunities outside my current industry with great confidence.” Tony, Sales Executive, May 2019

“Amazing! Any cover letter I ever wrote, or would ever write, didn’t/wouldn’t come close to this! Thank you so much!” Nancy, MLAS, Registered Laboratory Animal Technologist and Licensed Veterinary Technician (After updating her chronological resume into a functional one, we worked on her first job application + cover letter), May 2019

“My new resume looks incredible. Krista is extremely detail-oriented and took the time to listen to what I wanted and needed. I left my field to stay home with my kids and now I am ready to re-enter the job market. I was worried about how to make my resume appealing and Krista really made it shine. She asked questions, was always available, and provided advice. She was patient and professional and just plain amazing to work with. I’m excited to send my resume out. I feel confident with my new resume. Thank you, Krista!” Vanessa, Mom reentering the workforce, July 2019

“I just wanted to give you a quick update. I got the job I wanted. I felt so confident with the changes of my resume. Thank you again so much.  I’m so excited! It’s just an overall good fit. It provides everything I was looking for. It has flexibility, a welcoming work environment, and duties I feel match my strengths. Before you worked on my resume I just didn’t feel confident. I didn’t even TRY to apply for any new positions. After I saw my revamped resume I felt so confident. I really can’t thank you enough. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.” Vanessa, Client Liaison, July 2019 – a few weeks after the above

“Thank you so much for your help. With all the pointers you’ve suggested I feel more empowered and inspired!! You’re amazing at what you do! I will keep you updated on the adventures ahead!!” Jessica, Team Leader, July 2019

“My resume looks great! You are a word warrior to be certain! Thank you!” Holly, Hospitality Industry Professional, July 2019

“Before sending you more responses for my homework, I want to acknowledge your thoughtfulness and extreme thoroughness in your questions to me.  They are making me think about things I had not thought of before.  As you do this outside of your day job, it is very obvious that you really care about helping people.”
and then upon finishing her resume…
“I love the way that you have gotten me to think about things from different angles – and to remember that I have actually done a lot more than what is on my resume.  I know you help a lot of people.  I also know help can be transformational.  But I am so grateful for your transformational work to help me see that I am more…. You and your services are worth much more than your fee.Current client, transforming her resume from corporate project manager to non-profit leader, September 2019

First of all, I would like to thank you so much for this revamp. In this period of my life, I am making a lot of changes and this will go a long way in taking these next steps in my career. I have several interviews lined up and I will say I feel much more confident with this caliber of resume craftsmanship.
Lionel,  Game Designer + Entrepreneur, January 2020

I wanted to tell you that meeting you changed my life and I’m not being over dramatic. I was inspired by your confidence, strengthened by your resolve and humbled by your grace. I took note and studied the material you provided; I would practice with increasing frustration every week. I kept at it, because I believed every word you said and it paid huge dividends, not only did I get my dream job at (a Fortune 100 company, headquartered in the ATL) I was also offered the salary I requested.  

I know words won’t show the sincerity of my gratitude, please keep doing what you been doing up to this point, without your commitment and support as well as your husband’s my transition would have been extremely hard. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out, and don’t mind me if I do, I have a lot to learn from a person such as yourself. Lately I’ve been waking up, assuring myself that I’m indeed awake and this is not some wonderful dream.

“Sincerely appreciative”  (a wonderful female service member nearing her transition) March 2020