Sculpt Your Job

When I was in my role as programs manager, I volunteered to coordinate the end of year holiday celebrations. The company, fortunately, did more than just a holiday party. They ran festive challenges (we are very competitive) as well as a potluck partying and team building activities. I added on activities for the last week of the year which covered mindfulness, healthy choices, and vision boarding for the following year. I am still heading the holiday activity and grew the Week of Merriment to the Month of Merriment.

When I was Vice President of Education, I hosted the monthly staff birthday parties in our department. Not only did this get me to celebrate other people on their birthdays (I love birthdays, mine most of all!) but it brought people from different departments to our area of the ship (yes, I worked on a ship) to where my team worked- a place closed off to the public and not on the way to any other offices in the organization.

When I was an elementary school and middle school teacher, I volunteered for roles in our teachers’ union. Now some of you may be very much against unions, so I just lost your attention… but those of you still with me- through this work I learned how to negotiate contracts (and have difficult conversations). As a teacher and an English major in undergrad, this is training I never received. Now, I was receiving this training in real-time, and it mattered to me and my career as well as those of my colleagues.

What can you do in your current role to build in some of those things you love?

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